Women in cheese

They are called Marie, Marie-Anne as well as Sanae and Betty. These are names of professional women in the fascinating world of cheese: the so-called fromagers-affineurs Continue reading

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Street art in 1000 tile mosaics

He calls himself ‘Invader’. Inspired by the first-generation game called ‘Space Invaders’, this French artist ‘invaded’ Paris with his pixel art of alien creatures Continue reading

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The battle for a historically accurate renovation of Hôtel Lambert

In 2007 the Emir of Qatar’s brother, Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa al-Thani, bought Hôtel Lambert which is situated at the tip of île Saint-Louis from the Rothschild banking family. For the impressive sum of € 80 million Continue reading

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Magic meridian medallions

On the 200th anniversary of his birth, the city of Paris held a contest to design a new Arago memorial. Arago (1786-1853), a famous French astronomer, scientist, humanist Continue reading

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A new future for Les Halles?

No, they never really had eternal value. After about thirty years Les Halles will be redeveloped again. In the seventies and eighties the current complex emerged in this place, where the stir and the spirit of the famous Parisian market halls reigned. Due to the increasing traffic chaos this market had already been moved to the more easily accessible Rungis outside the city in the late sixties. Continue reading

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