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For many years I have been fascinated by Paris, which is why I started PARIS IMPRESSIONS in 2011.

Being raised in small country village in the west of the Netherlands, a pastor forbade us to play a record by Edith Piaf which made me curious about the unknown and mysterious Paris. A presentation at secondary school – based on stories I had thought up inspired by a few drawings – increased my enthusiasm. I had a feeling I belonged in that city, even though I had never set foot there.

My curiosity remained and through the years I have more than made up for my lack of presence in Paris. I learned about the lives of the Parisians, tasted the culture and the style. I saw contradictions that made Paris exciting and gave you the feeling that everything was possible. Old architecture and past glory beside new or daring designs. Wide boulevards and working-class quarters. The global wealth of the rich and the local elite contrasting with the immigrants from former colonies or other parts of the world. Each conquering their own part of the city. A mix of intellectuals, lovers of fashion, art and culture, students, tourists and vagabonds, surrounded by millions of ‘ordinary’ Parisians.

Sharing my knowledge of the city with you is my pleasure. In the form of short impressions I will regularly update this weblog. About that which inspires, amazes and moves me. To give you the opportunity to become acquainted with this other side of Paris, I will also function as your personal guide. To enable you to shape your own personal Paris Impressions.

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