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A visit to Paris? Enjoying its beauty, culture, and history? Getting to know the unknown sides of the city or experiencing the ‘joie de vivre’ of Parisians? With the personal touch of PARIS IMPRESSIONS, you can acquire those special experiences.

Personal Paris Tips by mail

  • Do you prefer exploring the city on your own and want to get the most out of your visit? Choose the Personal Paris Tips of PARIS IMPRESSIONS. Unique, comprehensive tips tailored just for you.
  • Based on a questionnaire about your wishes and interests, your Personal Paris Tips are compiled. For example, tips on the latest hotspots in the field of fashion, culture, design or food, unknown walking or cycling routes, surprising sights, “secret” places to eat, the latest exhibitions etc.
  • What do the surprising Paris discoveries cost? For 5 Personal Paris Tips, you pay € 25,-. For 10 Personal Paris Tips, it is € 50,-

Please mail me to request your Personal Paris Tips.

Personal guide in Paris

  • Do you find it difficult to find your way quickly and to choose from the many options?I will gladly accompany you on your Parisian exploration.
  • Preparation starts with a detailed questionnaire about your ideas, wishes, and preferences in the Netherlands. Subsequently, I will suggest a program in consultation.
  • In Paris, I will act as your personal guide, for one or more mornings or afternoons.Your program is flexible and can be adjusted locally.
  • PARIS IMPRESSIONS works for small groups. Experience has taught us that your expectations will be more likely to be met with a group of up to four: a family, couple, partners, or a group of friends.

Personal guide in Paris, also for people with physical disabilities

  • PARIS IMPRESSIONS also shows around groups of which one of the participants has physical limitations.
  • With people in wheelchairs, it is also possible to take over the accompanying role during a tour.

Personal Paris guide bike tours

  • With the advent of the vélib system (the Parisian version of the Dutch Public Transportation bicycle), the many bike paths, and the extensive possibilities to rent a bike, Paris has become a real bike city.
  • PARIS IMPRESSIONS is happy to be a guide for small groups with a customized bike tour.

Would you like a quotation or more information about the possibilities? Mail me and I will gladly contact you.

4 Responses to paris personal guide

  1. Mieke Van Berendoncks says:

    Wij gaan binnenkort met onze 2 meisjes van 7 en 9 jaar naar Parijs.
    Hebt u ook echt super tips voor uitstapjes met kinderen?
    Bestaan er Nederlandse gidsen in Parijs?

  2. Fernando says:

    Over welk budget praten we?
    We zouden een weekend een keer de bekenste plaatsen willen bezichten, de toren, paleis, shop…
    Groeten, Fernando.

  3. Carina heeft ons ontzettend fijn geholpen met haar persoonlijke tips. Zij heeft eerst onze wensen en interesses geïnventariseerd en daarna kwam ze met heel bijzondere plekken om te bezoeken. Zo kwamen we in een park waar we anders nooit terecht zouden zijn gekomen en had ze mooie restaurantjes en eetgelegenheden voor ons verzameld, die precies bij onze wensen en budget pasten. Carina, bedankt dat je ons bezoek aan Parijs net dat beetje extra gaf!

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