Paris discovers community gardening

The colourful wall painting is one of the first things that grabs your intention. Then you discover the trays with tomato plants, Chinese cabbage and chard Continue reading

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Water network from 1860 ensures clean streets

Every day, Paris consumes about 170,000 m³ of non-potable water through a system from the period of Haussmann’s city improvements Continue reading

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Magic meridian medallions

On the 200th anniversary of his birth, the city of Paris held a contest to design a new Arago memorial. Arago (1786-1853), a famous French astronomer, scientist, humanist Continue reading

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Contest best baguette of Paris 2011

Each year the City of Paris organises the competition of the ‘Grand Prix de la Baguette de Paris’. Not sensational if you bear in mind a true Parisian visits his ‘boulangerie’ for a fresh baguette at least once, but preferably twice a day. Continue reading

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The Dora Bruder secret

In 1997 the novel ‘Dora Bruder’ by French author Patrick Modiano was released. The story is set in Paris and starts with a message, which Modiano read in a newspaper of December 1941. And it had grabbed hold of him. … Continue reading

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