La rentrée

The end of August, early September: the summer holidays of Parisians have come to an end. ‘La rentrée’ marks their return en masse. The emptiness of summer is being expelled. The upcoming is expectantly being awaited.

Foto: Pim Hügel

So this boy. We had spoken before the holidays, in front of the bookshop ‘L’Arbre à Lettres’ at the corner of the small market street ‘Rue Mouffetard’ in the fifth arrondissement.

Together with his mum he had just picked out a book for the holidays. But like many other children he would also like to repeat the curriculum of last year voluntarily. He wanted to commence his next school year well prepared!

In the period of la rentrée one can see many parents together with their children go out shopping for new notebooks and other school supplies. Students traditionally populate the street of the university one week later. They buy their textbooks for example at place Saint Michel where they queue up at ‘Gilbert Jeune’.

The smaller shops and restaurants all open their doors. Advertisements of the latest autumn ‘fashion outfits’ and ‘must haves’ are hung at streets and metro stations. The cultural season is about to commence. New books are published and expositions are announced. Politics are being practised again. In short: Paris is ready for yet a new thrilling year.

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