Les Berges de Seine: from motorway to chill boulevard

Les Berges de SeineOnce again Paris has managed to diddle motorists out of their driving zones. For more than a year the left bank motorway of the Seine has been transformed into a domain for hikers and bikers: a 2.3 kilometer long promenade.Les Berges (the banks) start at Musée D’Orsay and finish at Pont D’ Alma.

This boulevard is not only an invitation to stroll.

At Musée D’Orsay you can enjoy a grand view of the river Seine and the city from one of the staircases which connect the high quay with the low quay.

If you want to have some extra exercise you can run a 100 meter long track, but there is also equipment for a workout or you might want to grab a bike for rent, the so called Vélib.

Children drawing

Kids have a go at the climbing wall, or entertain themselves with games which have been drawn on the ground or they make a drawing with chalk along the wall destined for that purpose.

Every Parisian can take running or boxing lessons for free, or they can do pilates or yoga with the guidance of a coach.

Floating gardens

The floating gardens of Nikki Saint Phalle and a real orchard deliver the ultimate Zen feeling. There are chaises longues, but when the weather is good, you might want to bring a yoga or beach towel.

All along the boulevard there are places to have something to eat or drink. There are moveable stalls, pubs and some restaurants on the water. If you want to organize your own lunch with friends, you can do that on one of the terraces that are for free. Furthermore quite frequently exhibitions, concerts and films are on the programme.

Right from the start les Berges has proved to be a tremendous open air attraction, which appeals to the Parisians as well as the tourists and which also fills an obvious need.

Is a Zzz still a private language for you?

Zzz That is not necessary anymore for Zzz is just one of the rebuilt sea containers of les Berges. It is a spot right in the city centre, on the waterfront where you can chill, nod off, or have a picknick.

And you can book for free on the internet for an hour and a half!


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